Wild mead

Mead, sometimes referred to as honey wine, may not be a popular fermented drink any longer but it is one of the most ancient ones and it’s very easy to make.  It is made by fermenting honey with water, usually with some flavouring added. Depending on the concentration of honey in the water, and on how the fermentation in managed, mead can be sweet or dry,  still or sparkling. Dry mead will usually be more alcoholic (up to 20%), as all the sugar in the honey is fermented, and if you bottle the brew before the fermentation is completed you will end up with a fizzy drink as the CO² from the fermentation is trapped in the bottle.
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A Taoist approach to mindful breathing

Book review, The Tao of Natural Breathing by Denis Lewis

The great Taoist philosopher Tchang Zu tells us that True man breathes with his heels, while the mass of men breathe with their throats.
Never mind the heels, you’re probably doing OK if you manage to take breath awareness as far down as your perineum, but breathing mostly with your chest, and with very little awareness of what’s really happening, is not a recipe for health and happiness. Read more

Did you have a nice practice?

As anyone who practice regularly knows, in yoga practice, just as in life, there are good days and bad days.
There are days when we flow from posture to posture with ease and grace, in love with our body and with life, enjoying the sweet fruit of dedicated practice, and the days when we drag ourselves along, wondering why on Earth we got out of bed so early to stand on that stupid mat. And there’s everything in between.
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