Ice cream — Macalla Farm style

A good ice cream maker is an expensive piece of kitchen equipment, but every time we use ours, we find that it was money well spent.
As we have plenty of sheep’s milk yogurt in the summer, we make plenty of delicious frozen yogurt (we refer to them with the generic term: ice cream). This greatly increases our range of desserts.  Furthermore, there is usually very little work required, as can be seen in the recipes below:

Blackcurrant sorbet

  • .5 litre of blackcurrant juice (we have a steam juicer which we use to make blackcurrant, blackberry, and grape juice), again, a very worthwhile investment to preserve our summer gluts of soft fruit) I don’t know if it is possible to get good quality blackcurrant juice commercially and doubt that Ribena is a worthy substitute…
  • a good dash of organic honey or agave syrup

Mix and pour in the ice cream maker for 40 minutes. The surprisingly smooth consistency and exquisitely fruity taste makes this sorbet one of my favourites.

Lemon Verbena frozen yogurt

  • .5 l of sheep milk yogurt.
  • .2 l of strong lemon verbena tea
  • 30 g organic raw cane sugar
  • a handful of fresh lemon verbena leaves, chopped finely

Sweeten the tea with the sugar and cool it down. Mix it with the yogurt and the lemon verbena leaves and pour in the ice cream maker for 40 minutes.
You can replace the lemon verbena tea with elderflower cordial, to make an equally delicious Elderflower frozen yogurt.
Best served immediately as it will get too hard if kept for long in the freezer.


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