The mare who wanted to be trimmed….

An email arrived in my inbox the other day from a former students on our Natural hoofcare courses, and I thought I should share  on this blog the amazing story of this mare who badly needed to be trimmed, and managed to find someone to do it for her.

Yesterday I came across a mare who had broken out a field and was running loose on the road. Lucky for her she chose our house to run to. I kept her in the lane and made enquiries as to who might own her.
She was sadly not in good condition and her feet were shockingly overgrown. But life and synchronicity is a funny thing…
When I was on the trimming course with you last October, I had asked  what should one do with a horse that has very badly overgrown hoof and you had showed us how to cut away the over growth.. Since last October I’ve been happily researching barefoot trimming and my own  horses get regular trims and  have fantastic feet now.
But anyway back to this poor mare: I decided to be spontaneous and help this horse although I was naturally wary as I didn’t know her at all, but I remember you saying that the biggest mistake is not to trim at all! 
Incredibly she stood for me and I was able to clip off the huge amount of overgrown hoof wall and trim back the bars which had folded over.One hoof was split down the middle and the flares were naturally causing the split to get worse, I relieved this as best as Ii could .
That mare was absolutely blessed to have stumbled into our yard.  It was just  bizarre that she got out and travelled quite a distance to trot up our lane and get trimmed.

Thanks Kate for sharing this story with us.



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